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OVERVIEW: The RopeRamp is the solution for storing your rope in a way that’s functional and looks good. The overbuilt bracket provides rock solid support for everything from your twin ropes up to that beefy 80m.

  • Purpose-built - We designed this specifically with climbing ropes in mind not as an after though. Ditch the tacky hardware store garden hose hanger
  • Rounded Edges - We've included a generous round-over on the edges of the rope ramp. We're also scared of sharp edges near our ropes
  • Sturdy and built to last - Don't worry about the RopeRamp flexing when you load your rope. Made from thick 1/4" powder-coated aluminum, we've built it to last longer than your rope
  • Butterfly, backpack, or alpine coil - Whatever your goto coil is, toss it on.
  • Pegboard compatible - Designed to both directly mount to your wall or mount to your current pegboard setup (Pegboard Adapter)
  • Quality hardware included - Drywall anchors and screws included
  • Easy to install - Simple 2-hole mounting and self-drilling drywall anchors

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 1.25" X 6" X 7.5"

Weight: 0.25lb/113g

Material: Powder Coated Aluminum

What's included: 1 Rope Ramp, 2 Mounting screws, 2 Drywall anchors


RopeRamp is the perfect solution for climbers who are looking to keep their gear closet organized and tidy. This angled part is designed specifically for rock climbing ropes and is built to be heavy duty, ensuring it can withstand the weight of even the heaviest ropes.

The Ramp is crafted from high-quality material, with a sleek and durable finish that will withstand the rigors of regular use. The slanted design of the ramp makes it easy to store and organize climbing ropes. It also ensures that they are kept in great condition, free from knots and tangles that can damage the fibers of the rope.

The RopeRamp can be used in a variety of settings, from personal gear closets to professional climbing gyms. It is easy to install, with pre-drilled holes for quick and simple mounting on any wall or surface.

With the RopeRamp, you can rest assured that your gear is well-organized, safe, and ready for your next climb.

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Customer Reviews

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Kalli Schumacher (Colorado)
Perfect niche product

Product is perfect for my gear closet! I was tired of throwing my rope random places and it wouldn’t fit on the hanging bars. This product is perfect, comes with mounting hardware and is super easy to install. Looks great, ordered another!

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