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Ice Tool/Axe Wall Storage

Ice Tool/Axe Wall Storage

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OVERVIEW: The GearRax Icetool/Axe Wall Storage is the ideal way to store and display your ice tools and axes. The V locks tools securely in place.

  • Secure- Grips your tools and keeps them locked into place. Ever climb ice on a warm day, Know how every tool sticks on the first swing?
  • Universal - Fits a wide range of ice tools and axes, From your dry tooling setup to your skimo axe
  • Overbuilt - Does it need to be this bomber, no. But why rap off a micronut when you have a #6? Built with reinforced nylon, the holder is built to last 
  • Pegboard compatible - Designed to both directly mount to your wall or mount to your current pegboard setup (check out our pegboard inserts for mounting!) 
  • Quality hardware included - Nobody wants to have to drive to the hardware store to buy drywall anchors. That's why we said screw it, and included self-drilling drywall anchors and hardware for mounting
  • Easy to install - Got a screwdriver? You're qualified. Self-drilling drywall anchors included

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 4.5" X 2.5" X 1.5"

Weight: 0.14lb/64g

Material: Glass Reinforced Nylon

What's included: 1 Ice Tool/Axe Storage, 2 Mounting screws, 2 Drywall anchor


Patent Pending

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
jim urbec (Tennessee)
You bought more tools????

We had already maxed our two ICERACks. A week Ouray and the wife came home with a new set of tools. wall storage version is perfect addition. pegboard adapters worked perfect. Still one more set available to fill.

Billy Rudow (Utah)
Great Ice Tool Storage Rack

I just got an Ice Axe Tool storage rack that’s efficiently sized! It’s going to be mounted in my daughter’s apartment for her comp tools, but I wanted to give it a test run in my garage first. I think it looks great, but more importantly, it passed the my wife’s approval to use it! These Ice Axe Tool storage racks keep my packs from being sliced up & are very quick & easy to put up on the wall. Since I try to drytool a fee times a week at the Scratchpad, I need a reliable way to store my tools - these racks are the way. They also hold my gym pack so I can grab them & go!

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